Rui Kiriyama (桐山瑠衣)

Oooh i'm so excited to watch this! :D

And are you gonna be the one who will send the new video of this when it release?
Unfortunately not.

In DMM there is no longer any way to capture videos, and importing physical media is very expensive in my country because of shipping and taxes.

On Scanlover, there was a guy who downloaded Rui's videos from YouIV and uploaded them in several separate parts. Let's hope he finds this new forum and wants to keep sharing.
Yeah I would screen cap it, but like KyoNyuu said, DMM is the worst. I'm always like: oh boy this is going to be a long wait, when I see Rui is releasing on DMM exclusively. :mad: Best hope is someone who buys the BR or DVD rips it and is kind enough to share.

It's sad really, because i used to pay for all her videos until late last year. Then Japan just went into overdrive about streaming laws and basically shut that option down. Since i can't play Jap BR where I am it just means i can't even support her work. It's just stupid.
Hay, yeah it worked i'll try and get a screen cap of it by tomorrow night, just very busy with work right now. i'm also not great with the tech side of things, so someone will need to compress the video or split it up for easier download for others. Cheers. Check back here tomorrow, around this time.
Thanks for this you good sir. If you can share me your paypal so i can send some money for you effort. I'm happy to donate to you. Just let me know.😊🙏
Don't worry about it. But it's appreciated.

I would have bought the video anyway. I work under the principle that someone will do the same for me in the future.

That's what i loved about Scanlover Rui forum; people always came through for each other. If it's letting each other know about new releases or other media or providing old IVs or new stuff.

Plenty of people have helped me out and kept me informed over the years and i'm grateful for that. (y):D